Favorite Finding Thursday!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Todays post is spring inspired featuring creations by Katie Jean.
My personal favorite!
Made to order wedding gowns.

Check out her Etsy shop here!

Wishing you the most success on your beautiful designs, Katie!

Barn House Rules

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Robin Beaty's barn house studio

House Tour here!
I came across this article on Apartment Therapy's website and was quickly enamored with the idea of owning and living in a barn house. I found old barns for sale online and I found companies that build barn homes.  
That dream was quickly squashed when I learned that my lovely barn home would probably rot by the next year. Awesome.
Thank you, Texas humidity. You're lucky you're the coolest state. Like ever. *Sigh* 
You'll learn that Robin is an encaustic artist. Don't know what that is? I didn't either until I read the article.
Her work is absolutely stunning and if I wasn't so obsessed with making jewelry at this point I probably would have given encaustic painting a go. However, by looking at Robin's work it would have been a laughable attempt.
You can view her work on her website at

Hard Candy

Mineral Art by Carly Waito

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I came across this painting online somewhere although I can't remember where it is probably safe to say it was posted on Pinterest or StumbleUpon or the like. I immediately placed these photos in my "for the dream home" design board. The hues are so rich and lovely. 
Smokey Quartz


They would be perfect in the bedroom, bathroom, livingroom or anywhere for that matter. The artist is Carly Waito and you can view more of her art here.

Latest designs with Rose and Honey Quartz

This weeks creations......
Handmade Honey Quartz earrings

Rose quartz earrings
Have a fantastic Wednesday everyone! Thanks for looking. ~Debra