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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Well ladies, spring is upon us once again in the south and I'm quite excited for it.
I imagine flowers blooming, birds chirping, and butterflies floating around in the garden. Of course, this moment is being ruined by all the lawnmowers rolling across the neighbors yards. It's as if the first day of spring came and everyone had the same idea to mow. Maybe that makes it official? Not that I don't love the smell of fresh cut grass.....

Anyway, moving on to the point of this post. I was invited for an evening out with dear ol' mom and I found myself in a situation that, no doubt, many of you have experienced. 
Having nothing to wear. This isn't the time where you think "Awe, I really have nothing to wear" when really you just aren't feeling creative enough to put together a cute outfit. But no. I mean it, I didn't. I've been working continuously on my jewelry businesses, my Etsy shop, and website and never even considered maybe doing laundry? I actually did have one last thing that was warm weather appropriate. 
A maxi dress tucked away in the back of the closet.
I threw the dress on, put on some flat sandals, and tossed my hair into a top knot and voila! Bam. Less than five minutes and I was ready for blackberries spritzers and gourmet chicken dishes! I looked into the mirror and thought to myself "Okay, I really need more of these dresses." So the search began and here are some of my top favorite finds for this spring.

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maxi dress, spring dress, pattern dress, french connection dress, peacock blue dress

maxi dress, neutral dress, spring dress, forever21 dress, pattern dress, casual dress

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high low dress, spring dress, mint dress, pattern dress, chiffon dress

Really this last dress is a high low dress but I don't care. It was way too cute to leave out.
To me, this is what makes a maxi dress so great, they are comfortable, light, and can be worn day or night. They cover you up when you're too lazy to remedy those pesky leg hairs and not to mention, if you're like me, they are as white as can be from winter hibernation. And yet, you still look amazing! 

So which one is your favorite and why?



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