Gift giving for your favorite ladies this Christmas

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Christmas is just around the corner! Any ideas on what you plan to get the favorite women in your life? Yes, no, maybe? Well, if you see me a lot then you know that about 4 out of 7 days in the week I am sporting my favorite earrings from Viv & Ingrid
I really can't help it they go with almost everything in my closet!  They make awesome gifts and they come in different sizes along with cute earring pouches for storage. Aside from my biased earring opinion they have so much more to offer!

Viv & Ingrid Best Sellers

Dogeared offers some great jewelry and accessory gifts as well with a "themed" approach to make gift giving easier depending on the person you're buying for.
Dogeared 2011 Gift Guide
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The Prettiest of Multi Stone Rings

Saturday, November 26, 2011

I remember when white gold and platinum dominated the jewelry market and much to my liking gold and rose gold have made quite the comeback in the last few years. Honestly, I feel strange wearing silver colored jewelry now. I guess it's because of my skin tones and hair color. I have plenty of pink undertones and some sneaky reddish undertones in my hair which took me awhile to accept and embrace. That being said I have found some of the most beautiful jewelry, not in the stores, but online and in catalogs. I love the idea of purchasing handmade jewelry from artist I can read about and learn from. Sundance Catalog offers some of the most beautiful handmade jewelry. I promise you that if I could I would be a walking-talking Sundance advertisement. 
Suzanne Kalan White Rose Ring $1,495.00
Anne Sportun Double Entendre Ring $1,995.00

 Also, who needs to pay bill or buy groceries when you can have these!
Constella Cowgirl Boots $548

Did I mention Sundance Catalog has the greatest of  Southern/Midwest chic clothing to offer anywhere?! Please do yourself a favor a request a catalog. I wear mine out all the time frantically flipping through and drooling(not literally) over the merchandise.

My "will-be-getting" list..sorry "wishlist", but I'm a brat.

Okay, so I may be behind the trend...okay, I'm not behind my bank account is but a pair of perfect riding boots have been on my wish-list for a good while now and with Christmas just around the corner one these beauties may be the next pair joining my collection. 
Frye Dorado Boots $498

For those of you who, like me, cannot afford these awesome things it is my job to scout the next best thing.

Steven Madden Intyce $149.95

Now the heels are a bit a wooden heel and the other a wedge but it's not the heel that I'm after.  It is the color and shape and just the right amount of ornament. These are certainly more affordable and gorgeous!
I can't express how many times I've gotten ready and had a super great outfit only to think..sorry.. to KNOW that what I needed where a pair of these boots. Damn.
Viva la Cognac!

For years I have defied the idea that I needed a purse. Psh! Those things are a pain...they are.
You lose everything in it and when you want to find something other than your wallet or phone or teacup pooch it becomes impossible. No thanks.
BUT the day has come oh, yes it has! I have found the most perfect bag this anti-purse girl can ask for.

Fossil Vintage Re-Issue $218.00

This little guy is perfect. Nice leather finish with accent metallic leather. Oh! And look at this....

One main compartment, a slot for your phone or PDA, and maybe your checkbook. It's so simple on the inside that you won't go crazy looking for your lipgloss or keys.

Oh, hello!

It's a new day! Saturday, in fact, and it's my first blog. Yay! 
Today the temperature reads H-74 and L-44 yet it stills feel like that sticky eighty degree weather.
I think I've been lied to by my HTC Evo... but alas it's technically fall and I will dress the part! It is my favorite time of year when I can pull out the tights and boots and scarves. All by which are my favorite fall/winter pieces. No more flip flops and shorts for this girl at least until March maybe April if I can help it *sigh*  
Working in a high end furniture showroom I have to keep a good balance between comfortable and cute.   
Which is why today I chose a grey cardigan wrap that I pinned one end up near my shoulder to give it that "poncho" look. I also found the black ring from the back of my bathroom drawer. It was one of those "wait I remember you!" moments that I got a little too excited about finding but no matter... I thought it looked fantastic with the cardigan. It is a simple look complete with black tights and black knee high slouchy boots. No big deal, right? The earrings are probably my favorite piece of jewelry I own. Most days I have to talk myself out of wearing them because I feel they go with everything! I can guarantee you will be seeing them A LOT. Well, here I go off to work..I've actually been sitting at my desk for the last 45mins as I write this entry but shhh! don't tell anyone.