The Prettiest of Multi Stone Rings

Saturday, November 26, 2011

I remember when white gold and platinum dominated the jewelry market and much to my liking gold and rose gold have made quite the comeback in the last few years. Honestly, I feel strange wearing silver colored jewelry now. I guess it's because of my skin tones and hair color. I have plenty of pink undertones and some sneaky reddish undertones in my hair which took me awhile to accept and embrace. That being said I have found some of the most beautiful jewelry, not in the stores, but online and in catalogs. I love the idea of purchasing handmade jewelry from artist I can read about and learn from. Sundance Catalog offers some of the most beautiful handmade jewelry. I promise you that if I could I would be a walking-talking Sundance advertisement. 
Suzanne Kalan White Rose Ring $1,495.00
Anne Sportun Double Entendre Ring $1,995.00

 Also, who needs to pay bill or buy groceries when you can have these!
Constella Cowgirl Boots $548

Did I mention Sundance Catalog has the greatest of  Southern/Midwest chic clothing to offer anywhere?! Please do yourself a favor a request a catalog. I wear mine out all the time frantically flipping through and drooling(not literally) over the merchandise.

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