Favorite Finding Thursday!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Todays post is spring inspired featuring creations by Katie Jean.
My personal favorite!
Made to order wedding gowns.

Check out her Etsy shop here!

Wishing you the most success on your beautiful designs, Katie!


  1. Thank you for your sweet comments on my blog!  I looked at your Etsy shop and really love your designs!  So simple and delicate which is what I love!  x

  2. Thank you Audrey for checking it out! I'm just starting out in this crazy world of blogging and small business.
    Remember me if you or someone you know ever needs jewelry(custom made)or from my shop! 
    When I get more pieces up I'll contact you to see if I can send you a piece that you love to maybe feature in one of your posts?!

    Thanks again!

  3. Hey Debra! Saw your comment on ROH. So nice to "meet" you. Your jewelry is so cute, I looked at your Etsy shop. Hope all is well! Stay in touch!


  4. Hi Taylor!

    Nice to meet you! Thanks so much for your comment. 
    Your blog is so cute. As soon as I read your 'about'
    I was like "Wow. I'm jealous!" living in New York and designing?! You have made a blog follower out of me. ;)


  5. Her designs are amazing!
    The first one is my favorite too, so delicate yet a bit whimsical!

    Good luck blogging and with your etsy shop :)

    Much love,

  6. amazing!