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Saturday, November 26, 2011

It's a new day! Saturday, in fact, and it's my first blog. Yay! 
Today the temperature reads H-74 and L-44 yet it stills feel like that sticky eighty degree weather.
I think I've been lied to by my HTC Evo... but alas it's technically fall and I will dress the part! It is my favorite time of year when I can pull out the tights and boots and scarves. All by which are my favorite fall/winter pieces. No more flip flops and shorts for this girl at least until March maybe April if I can help it *sigh*  
Working in a high end furniture showroom I have to keep a good balance between comfortable and cute.   
Which is why today I chose a grey cardigan wrap that I pinned one end up near my shoulder to give it that "poncho" look. I also found the black ring from the back of my bathroom drawer. It was one of those "wait I remember you!" moments that I got a little too excited about finding but no matter... I thought it looked fantastic with the cardigan. It is a simple look complete with black tights and black knee high slouchy boots. No big deal, right? The earrings are probably my favorite piece of jewelry I own. Most days I have to talk myself out of wearing them because I feel they go with everything! I can guarantee you will be seeing them A LOT. Well, here I go off to work..I've actually been sitting at my desk for the last 45mins as I write this entry but shhh! don't tell anyone. 

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